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Shop Turnover - The Only Art That Changes with You.

A Turnover art piece is a frame that holds several printed layers. The layers can be stacked in any order, flipped over or rotated within the frame to create your own complex composition. It’s art that’s built for ultimate flexibility. If you get tired of what you made, you can always change the order of the layers by removing or adding different pieces to make something totally new.   

Turnover was born in the whirl and shine of New York City; created for art lovers in small spaces with imaginative minds. The only art that changes with you.
Currently, we are working on launching a splash page simultaneously with our facebook page in the next couple of weeks.  The splash page will contain a short video, email sign up list and link to fan our facebook page.  Ultimately, we are working towards the goal of a kickstarter campaign in mid-Spetember.   Just starting out this facebook branded page has made me realize just how much user content we are going to need to generate in order to keep it up to date.  
I would like to show you the facebook page but we are not ready to publish as we are still creating some graphics for the design of it.  Here are some screen shots of how it is going...
At first, i had to workout our language, we thought the original postings were a little to young and bubbly.  We want to share great content but also not seem over the top.  I also went back and forth between having the logo as the timeline pic and a Turnover as the profile pic, but we settled on an avatar for our logo in the form of a T and then used a Turnover created in one of our prototyping sessions for the timeline photo, just inverted the original file to make it fit better.  
This link will take you to some of the "Turnovers" that people made during our first proof of concept test:
We have only done black and white layers so far, but plan on integrating color. The current size is 8" x 8" though we are exploring that as well. Most of the ones in the link contain 3-5 layers with the most being 8 layers.
Here are some links to other companies in our business (art, wall art, modular art)
*I like the timeline photo on this one, but I really hate the profile pic, I think they are saying two totally different things.
*I like how they have been doing contests, and also how they are creating user generated content by asking people to submit pictures of how they used their vinyl wallpaper
*I love how chasing paper used a pinned post to highlight the introduction of a new design in their collection.  I do not like how they didn't edit out the left and right arrows on their timeline photo.  It makes it seem as though you could scroll through checking out different ones when that is not the case, it's just a lazy screenshot.  But I do love the Q&A with the founding partner post, as well as the how to use ideas that they post frequently.  
Our Future Facebook Plans
Currently we are outling a marketing strategy as a whole for our Kickstarter project, however, I quickly realized that we need to launch the Facebook long before the Kickstarter in order to create a following that we can appeal to.  Having gone through this procress really quickly within this class, that gave me a lot of great tips and ideas, I think our first step is going to be generating content for users.  I want to launch the page in the next couple of weeks, but in the meantime start working on how to's, behind the scenes, where we're at up dates, holiday wish scheduled postings, contests for layer ideas or package themes, etc.  Additionally, I want to work more on or other social media outlets like Pinterest, YouTube and Twitter, so that I can link them through apps to our Facebook page.  
Ultimately, some of the ideas we are considering are as follows:

-Branded page

            -Updated daily during Kickstarter, weekly or more thereafter

            -Thank followers

            -Send links to Kickstarter that are shareable

            -Send updates of what we are up to

            -Voting app for new package themes

            -Link to Pinterest

            -Setup keywords

            -Like Gating 

            -Custom tabs for more in depth product information

            -Retail tab to sell through Facebook, so they don’t have to leave the site

            -Contests for seasonal products

  -Display value added content (shareable)

            -Turnover birthday e-cards

 -User game content

So those are some of the things we will need to get together in hopes of launching and continuing on a regular basis.  I think one of the biggest things I have learned in this class is the need to constantly be generating content but ultimately I would like to have some crossover with other social medias, although not entirely the same as the platforms are so different.  


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