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Shop Small Business Saturday Awareness

November 28th Project Start


My project is going to promote shopping Small Business Saturday. I have a blog post featuring works by my friends and myself and I want to drive people to the blog post where they hopefully find a link to a unique gift while supporting a friend and small business.


I want to learn from this experience on how to make a cohesive multiplatform information push more than anything.

To drive some traffic to my blog post, my shop, as well as my friends' online shops. It would be great if I sold something too!


I am not that familiar with tumblr and feel my attempt will not be fabulous. Also, all of my posts fall under right hooks. The only jab portions will be humor and the fact that I am 'recommending' ideas to my readers. I am employing straight up 'asks' which isn't really what we asked of me for this project.


Here is my blog post-


I created a fun Condescending Wonka meme making fun of Black Friday. I plan to post the meme on Facebook with a bitly link back to my blog post. I also plan on posting it to Instagram referencing where my blog post is and directing them to my profile for the link. On my instagram post I will be using many hashtags. I will then post the gif version on tumblr. I am also going to tweet the meme with appropriate hashtags and bitly link to my blog.


On Saturday I am going to post a photo to facebook with a bitly link directing back to my blog. The photo is going to be of an item I feature in the post. Most likely one of mine. I am then going to post a photo of two of my items to instagram with appropriate hashtags and direct them back to my profile to link out to my blog. I then plan on tweeting three items thoughout the day. One directly linking back to my shop and then two that go back to the blog post featuring others work. These tweets will bitly link and have appropriate hashtags. I then plan on pinning several items. I plan on pinning two of my own items and two by friends with appropriate descriptions.


I plan on doing seperate bitly links for the seperate platforms so that I can monitor the interactions. I also will have a code for my shop for 25% off on Small Business Saturday and will be sure to include that in the posts to drive business. I plan on doing most of my posting on Friday mid-day and on Saturday I want to start early and then continue throughout the day.

Any tips would be great. My blog and branding are a bit of a hot mess right now but I am hoping to learn the strategy and concepts from this class to deploy a more robust campaign when I am ready. All feedback is welcome! Thanks! -Katherine

November 29th Project Update

Small virality. HUGE Win!

I completed all my planned Thursday posts and some unplanned ones! Thanks to this class and friends I had some help spreading the word!

Facebook- I posted my link on facebook with the Condescending Wonka meme and tagged all the artist I featured in the post. This made the post show up on five artists' walls and my own. I ended the day with 3 shares and 21 total likes. Bottlerocket made their own facebook post about the blog post. I shared that and liked it. This was unexpected and great exposure!

Twitter- I tweeted the meme and recieved no interaction despite hashtag use. Bottlerocket tweeted the post as well and I favorited it and RT! Giving a total of 3 tweets about the post.

Instagram- I recieved 5 likes and one comment on my wonka meme.

Tumblr- I received 1 like on my gif.

Pinterest- I pinned the meme twice into different boards and three products straight from my store. The meme will pull directly back to the blog post and the product posts will go directly back to the product. Bottlerocket pinned a product from my blog post that directs back and I repinned it. No further interaction but 7 total posts relating to it were made on this platform!


I am very satified with today's resuts. They may seem small but the are BIG to me. I am going ahead with my plans for posts tomorrow and at the end of the week I will look back and report the stats on the bitly links and how many people visited the blog post and my etsy shop.

Any further comments are welcome!

... ok I couldn't help myself here is a sneak peek at my blog and shop stats! You can see the big spike in views! 


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