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Shooting My Rocket

The subject of my photo shoot was the 1962 Spartus Rocket toy camera. I found this camera at a garage sale and bought it for something like five dollars. It takes 127 film (WTF?), by the way the camera's shutter still fires like a champ. It's made by a company called Herold Products. Don't know if they're still in business. 

I used two LED desk lamps, lots of paper, and lots of tape. The two lights don't look like they're the same color... I'm sort of color blind. Picture of set up below.

Okay, after I positioned the lights  where I want, I start snapping shots using the teather option in Lightroom. Then I make some adjustments in Lightroom... exposure, color, etc... I get something like this. 

Then, I take it into Photoshop follow Kim's gradient tricks and remove the annoying dust. And here's my end result. 

And here's the rest of the final shots.


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