Shooting Fireworks-Inside a Girl's Imagination | Skillshare Projects

Leanne Rooyen

Leanne Van



Shooting Fireworks-Inside a Girl's Imagination

I decided to draw a girl playing with a stick, and in her imagination she is shooting fireworks.  I was inspired by Yuko's drawing of the boy and the cat in the tutorial, and how whimsical it is.

I really tried to think about each texture I was drawing, in the past I have used lines to define the outlines of an object instead of describing the object.

I used the below tools-my parker Quink and my different size brushes.

I gave the girl a woollen jersey, and used a dry brush to create the texture of the jersey.  I normally like to be quite precise with my brushstrokes so this forced me to do something ouside of my comfort zone.

I also tried to capture the smoothness of the skin, as well as the lightness and softness of the hair.


Here is my final artwork below, I scanned it in but I do like the texture of the paper showing through on the photo as well.


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