"Shoot me" developes into "Photo Mojo"

The "Shoot Me" part:

I take pictures and video with a professional camera, a point and shoot, an iPhone and an iPad. I have photos stored in two applications on my iPhone, photos on my iPad, on my computer's hard drive, in four external hard drives, on my photography website, instagram, picasa, shutterfly, on Flickr, in Dropbox and iCloud! (Considering Tumbler......)

The most optimal way to deal with this situation is to just stop. Stop taking pictures! ....But since that ain't gonna happen...

The "Photo Mojo" part:

Every situation that needs a process:


1) Professional shoot on 5D

2) Family, events, or street photography on 5D or S95

3) Family, friends or things that capture me on iPhone or iPad


1) Professional video shoots on 5D

2) Family, events, or street photography on 5D or S95

3) Family, friends or things that capture me on iPhone or iPad

That was the easy part!! Now I want to crawl under a table in a dark room somewhere.


1) All  photos taken on the 5D or S95 that are my best work, or are going to be presented online or in print must go through this procedure:

Shoot only in RAW format

insert card into cardreader 

make a file on desk top with "subject yrmonthdate_specifics_original"

move that file directly to external hard drive so Lightroom can't mess with it.

Check to make sure images are on the external hard drive then disconnect hard drive so Lightroom can't mess with them

Open Lightroom

Import photos from card reader (make sure copies are not being saved in computer's pictures file)

Select and edit photos

Make a new file on desktop "subject yrmonthdate_specifics_edited"

export from lightroom, renaming images with subject_specifics and original file number to "edited" file on desktop

Turn on external hard drive

File edited alongside originals. 

Go for a bike ride. 






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