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Shoot for the Sky - Spring Pattern Project

Final Spring Pattern I had a lot of fun (and frustration) learning how to do repeats in the class, the final pattern I am submitting is the third version after a lot of exerimenting trying to get the flow nice, which is harder than it looks. Elizabeth makes it look so easy :) 

Further Thoughts I tried to refer back to my moodboard but think I made a hard job for myself by using linework and abstract shapes as my inspiration. Simplifying will be something I aim for the future.

My first time attemping a complex pattern and although I can see some areas that could be improved where the repeat join is a bit obvious. But I wanted to upload what I had before the workshop ended.

Final 1000x1000 Swatch 




Example of Usage



Here are my sketches for the next stage of homework for the spring workshop. 


Moodboard and Inspiration


This is my moodboard for the first part of the homework for the Spring Themed Pattern workshop. For me spring is about new growth, vibrant greens with plantlife shooting up and reaching for the sky. So I titled my moodboard "Shoot for the Sky" and then found images and textures / patterns that I felt would fit in with this theme.

I found myself picking images that had a real sense of upward, even diagonal movement. I also was drawn to some patterns that had texture and linework that suggested an eco, natural feel so hopefully when I start sketching I will be able to capture some of this.

One thing I struggle with is choosing color pallettes. I have pulled some colours from my moodboard which will hopefully help when we get to that point.


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