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Shoot a Creative Roll of Film Class Marketing

I'm really excted to have my class published yesterday (Mar 15)

I've joined this challenge ahead of time in order to use the milestones. Will try to implement the tasks for three days in one day (Mar 16)

It was really challenging and I've already started marketing. I was surprised to see a couple of people already enrolled when I opend the class today.

The community has been really heplful. I would appreciate your feedback on any of the points I share below.

Day 1

I've made the class Free, so I can have as much people join from start.

Just went though 5 Tips for Merchandising Your Skillshare Class post:

  1. Add a Clear and Creative Title. My class title was reviewed several times and I'm pretty happy with it at the moment. It's Shoot a Creative Roll of Film: Reproduce Your Favourite Movie Scenes with Film Photos
  2. Use an Eye-Catching Cover Image. I've added the photo with Josh (Tom) on skateboard you can see above. This shot is not from the movie I've chosen for my own project. It was made by Unit Still Photographer that was working with the movie production team. Which is why I think it's a good fit.
  3. Fill out Your Skillshare Profile. I've used a short description, I think its okay.
  4. Write a Short and Sweet Class Description. I'm happy with the current class description.

Day 2

I've also sent out the following email. Most of my friends are Russian speaking, so I had the following email, but in Russian.

Hello! I’ve published my first lesson on Skillshare, called Shoot a Creative Roll of Film. Please register in order to help the lesson to get visibility on the site, click Enroll, and in some time after watching the first video press. Here is the link —

I made this short video, it shows what to do after you press on the link.

Registration takes a minute (you can connect via Facebook), it’s completely free, and will help my class gain some traction. My goal is 25 students and 5 reviews until Friday. You can watch only the first video, the most important thing at the moment is to register, click Enroll, and leave your review.

I’ve published the same text on Facebook.

19 people liked and 1 shared. Around 5 signed up.


Day 3

I wrote a welcome message to my newcoming students on my class community board.


Day 4

My class was free since the very beginning and I plan to keep it free, so I can use it to reach more people offsite.

Day 5 Challenge results

  1. My class have reached 25 students in 3 days after I’ve published it. The first 7 days resulted in 34 students.
  2. I think marketing through Facebook worked best for me. The fact that many existing Skillshare users enrolled makes me think that I’ve made good merchandising of the class.
  3. Next, I’ve written an educational article that I’d like be published on which has huge film photography audience.


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