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Rafaela D'Apice

Fashion Designer at Buena Vista Creative Co.



Shoot The Sheriff


Hello, my name is Rafaela D’Apice and I am a Fashion Designer from São Paulo, Brazil. In 2011 I graduated in one of the best Fashion Colleges of Brazil, and during the whole last year we worked on our graduation project, which was basically create a brand from the ground up. Since day one we knew that the 10 best projects would be invited to feature their collection on the second most important fashion show of São Paulo. From that point and on I took that as my goal and worked as hard as possible to achieve that. Even though I was aware that most teachers don’t really get and appreciate Streetwear, I though that I should follow my feelings and take that as an extra challenge. At the end of the year my project presentation was awesome, I got a unanimous maximum grade from the judges and was invited to the fashion show Casa de Criadores (House of Creators). So now let’s start talking about my brand… 

Brand Name: Shoot the Sheriff 

The inspiration for the brand name came with a sense of non-conformity, a wish to change some wrong things out there that most people accept quietly because they’re afraid of the consequences. In other words, the name is a criticism against the corrupt police, which takes advantage from their power to beneficiate themselves, offering danger to the good citizens instead of protection. Of course my taste for Bob Marley songs influenced the decision, but it’s not the main reason.

Mission Statement: 

Shoot the Sheriff has the mission to be always a constant bridge between the streets and the catwalks, strongly representing the streetwear scene into the high fashion world. Our creations will always be a canvas for the designer expresses his ideas and thoughts with no regrets, looking forward to break behavior standards on all kinds of fields.




Inspired by the song Magico de Oz (Wizard of Oz), of the traditional brazilian hip-hop group “Racionais MC’s”, the first Shoot The Sheriff collection criticizes the way that crack addicted kids in São Paulo are treated by the police and politicians, relating their reality with the delirium lived by Dorothy in the classic Disney movie of the same name. 

Despite the fact that I was dealing with a serious and delicate social problem, I tried to give the clothes a very colorful and happy aesthetic.

Creative Process:

The collection appropriates many relevant elements of the movie and São Paulo city, that were transmitted to the clothes through different techniques.

For some pieces I used a handmade technique called Jacquard. As a matter of fact, when I first mentioned to some teachers that I wanted to use this technique to create the following pattern, they said that I was tripping and wouldn’t be able to make that happen. I sticked to my idea, made a bunch of researches and ended up doing it with the help of a old lady from my neighborhood.


For other pieces I used the digital printing technique on different kinds of fabrics. Thankfully I got the support of a good textile-printing workshop and the result was fantastic!


When the whole collection was ready, I gathered some friends and did a great photoshoot on iconic spots of downtown São Paulo.

Fashion Show:

After my graduation, the fashion show day arrived and I can definitely say Shoot The Sheriff impressed some people over there.

Mutta x Shoot the Sheriff:

 Since I started to design this collection I wanted to include some footwear pieces, but unfortunately I didn’t have know how to produce a good one. When I knew I was invited to Casa de Criadores, I definitely wanted to step my game up and decided to approach one of the best and most promising brands in the brazilian footwear scene. Thanks to a common friend who introduced us, I got in touch with Matheus, from Mutta Shoes, and he gave life to my designs producing a limited amount of these incredible shoes just for the fashion show.

Shoot the Sheriff’s Future:

The fashion show went pretty well, and at the end of the day I had the opportunity to get into the official line up for the following season, but unfortunately I had no financial resources to keep the flow and make a bigger/better collection = /. I tried to get a sponsor through the university, but they weren’t so helpful and I had to refuse the offer. So by now Shoot the Sheriff is kinda like in a stand by mode, waiting for a substantial investment to keep the brand on the catwalks of Casa de Criadores, or any other fashion show around the world. If you Jeff Staple, or whoever is reading this, know how to help me out and make Shoot The Sheriff’s saga continuous, I would be thankful forever. Just to give a glimpse of what I've been thinking for the next collection, here are a few sketchs that I drew based on the political corruption theme...

Meanwhile I started a more commercial brand with my boyfriend, in order to raise funds for Shoot The Sheriff and other projects we have in mind. So if you enjoyed my work, please visit Vida Libre too and show us some love.

For any further information or contact, please reach me at [email protected]

Thank you very much for checking my project, and I would love to receive any kind of feedback from you guys.



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