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Class complete  - please click on the following link to see my final t-shirt design:

I'm very grateful for this class experience. I have enjoyed putting together this piece together and it has allowed me to create and develop a unique style I did not know I had. The videos were easy to follow and fun! Jon has a great teaching style. If you are stuck in a style rut, I definitely recommend taking this class.

My process follows below from start to finish.



I was struggling creatively today so I thought that taking this class might help to realise some negative vibes I was having and cheer me up!

Yesterday I went into town to look for the pens mentioned in the pens are my friends, but alas I could not find them. I may order them online instead. I did find a couple of pens I thought may work instead but can't seem to get along with them very well (they seem to break the lines I make midflow). 

Before I started Jon's doodling exercises I doodled this. On reflection this is one crazy drawing and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Doodle 1:

I switched to a Sharpie as I was struggling with the previous pen. It was a little easier but still sa bit stiff. On reflection, perhaps changing my paper texture will help?

I closed my eyes and drew the alphabet A-Z. I enjoyed this as it felt as though the start and end were defined. I struggled with knowing when to stop on the other doodles. I can kind of see some weird abstract characters here that I could maybe develop later.

Doodle 2:

I tried using a thinner nib. My favourite pens for taking notes - uni-ball eye fine.

I tried to include some of the faces I saw in shapes here but I forgot to move the paper around. I think doing so could have helped this piece. I'm not a big fan of it - crazy crocodile came back, but this time he has aged terribly.

Doodle 3: 

I persisted with the uniball eye fine pen, but wasn't though it is quite smooth, it wasn't offering the chunky look I wanted my work to have. I also tried moving down from an A3 piece of paper to A4 but that didn't help the feeling. I quit this one early.

Doodle 4: 

I went back to using a sharpie pen on a thinner piece of coloured (it's yellow but doesn't show up well from this iPhone pic) paper, to see if it helped. There are both things I like and dislike about this piece of work. I like that if you turn it 90 degrees clockwise there is a cool bird. I might try repeating this bird in a new doodle and see what comes up from that. 

If anyone has any tips on the pens they prefer using, please share. Also any thoughts / patterns / characters you can see in my experiments so far I'd be interested to hear.



I watched the next section's video on considering what items to use my doodles for today and think I would like to use the bird doodle against a background of worms. Initially I thought to use this for a iPhone cover, but I think it would also work as a stand alone print or on a t-shirt too.

Before I advance with that idea though, I wanted to explore doodling a little further. Here are a few of the doodles I did today.

Weird monkey dude. It seems I can't help but start out by drawing something before I start my doodle process. It's kind of a way to get myself thinking.

This doodle didn't seem to make much sense and felt a bit of a mess. It was a bit too relaxed for my liking, but there are some elements I do find attractive in it.

I enjoyed making this doodle and can see some good characters in it, for example the monkey in the bottom left corner. I'd like to push this idea further at some point. I created this using the method of turning the paper around and worked on this doodle for longer than the previous doodles. I listened to music whilst I doodled and found myself feeling more into it. I was trying to think about what Jon had said about considering the drawing as a puzzle and solving it. I considered carefully how to proceed but not too cautiously as to find it boring. 

I feel like I'm now ready to proceed to the next section and evaluate my work so far.



I returned to my doodles today and after watching the evaluating your doodles section, decided to go ahead with the bird idea I had previously. I drew out the bird a few times until I was happy with my copy, then began arranging worms around the bird. After nearly completing one draft, I decided I was not happy with the worm arrangement. I had tested out adding woodlice to the design too, but they felt too creepy / evil / serious in comparison to the worms and bird. I started the process again and carefully thought about how to arrange the worms.

I decided less was more and instead of jam packing the composition with worms, I left some negative space around them, and thought about the balance of the image as a whole. After drawing out a rough outline of the bird and worms, I then went over my work (a process I enjoy) adding detail and thickening lines to create a bold design. 

I'm happy with the look of the outcome at this point. I feel this composition would be best suited to a t-shirt design or print, but will explore the idea of using it as a mobile cover design as well. The only issue I foresee with this is that when reduced in size it may look a little unbalanced and messy. During the creation process, I shared updates of the image with my friends and one of them has even said they would like it on a t-shirt when it is finished, nice!



It might seem like not much progress has been made here, but I scanned in my image and cleaned it up in Photoshop today.

I also started another Shoodle, based on an idea I drew a few years ago and have wanted to develop for a long time. I'm hoping I'll pick up some good tips on vectorising these images in the next stage. 

In particular, I found the information about file saving informative. I did not know about JPEGS glossiness / compressing before this class.

I am looking forward to working this image further!



I'm aware this isn't going to look a lot different to my previous post, but I thought it would be nice to just post it up regardless. 

I've just finished (what I found to be) the long task of vectorising my image. Using the pencil and eraser tools did not work very well for me, so I created the final vector image by amending and adjusting the path points.

Comparing the two images this version does look slicker to me. I'm happy with the result so far. 

I have just finished up watching the final videos on colouring and preparing for screen printing (though I will not be creating a screen print this was still useful information for me). Tomorrow I will be colouring in the artwork and researching websites to sell / create products with this design. Exciting times!



Before I started my colouring process, I decided to rotate the image slightly. It bothered me that there was a single worm peeking out at the bottom, drawing too much attention to itself. By rotating the image I was able to create more of a focus on the bird, whilst also creating more bird movement - if you look at the previous images you will see in contrast the previous bird looks quite stiff.

I started the colouring process by colouring the worms pink, but found that using only pink to colour the worms looked still and boring. It didn't make them come to life as I had imagined they would do. I then added purple and this helped to create more movement to this section, but as I began to colour the rest of the doodle I struggled with the colour combination to use for the bird.

I tried jiggling around the colours of the bird and removing the blue from the colour palette, which improved the image but I was still unhappy with the overall mood created by the piece - the use of pink in such a large amount was creating a stereotypical feminine feel which contrasted to my work's content. 

I decided to remove all the colours and start with new colours completely. This time I started by colouring the bird first and then focusing on the worm details. I abandoned the idea of using pink for the worms, instead using nonsense colours to colour them. Here, I feel the contrasting purple and yellow works well and the green creates imagery of slime, which is great for worms!

I'm now looking at where / how I would print this on to a t-shirt using the additional source links. 



After researching the links in the additional sources, I decided to upload my design to Red Bubble. I carefully followed the instructions provided for the document settings, but after uploading my design the t-shirt design option's colours looked muggy and worn out. I tried to resolve the issue by uploading my design in different colour modes and adjusting the colours but I had the same results. All of the other products were fine, just the t-shirt design (the one option I wanted to use out of all of them!). I looked on the forum for RB and found other users were having the same issue when uploading their designs for t-shirts.

Due to the risk of potentially providing a bad product to buyers, I decided to use my second option for t-shirt designs - Society6. In contrast to RB, it was a lot easier to provide artwork on S6. You are allowed to upload a RGB file so no need to worry about the switch to CMYK, they will sort this for you (they specifically state for you not to change it to CMYK if you are happy with it at RGB). 

The downside to using S6 instead of RB is that I am unable to set my profit margins for any designs other than prints - so I make a very small profit on any t-shirts sold. The upside is I don't have the hassle of printing or sending the t-shirt design myself so I am okay with this for now. However, products, such as phone cases, I will sell on RB as I had no problems uploading my work for any products other than the tshirt designs. 

When making all these changes, I stumbled upon the posterize option in Photoshop and applied this to my work, which has made the colours pop brighter than before. 

You can see my final t-shirt design here, on a variety of different colours:


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