Shoez For Dayz! | Skillshare Projects

Katie Wheeler

The Baddest



Shoez For Dayz!

My first week of skillshare is almost over and this is the first class I've completed! So far, the experience has been awesome. I have like, three watercolor sets and had no idea how to use them other then just experimenting. This class was super helpful in teaching simple methods like color mixing and painting highlights. 

Firstly: Color mixing!

So helpful! My skin tones up to this point have been WAY too peachy. I would have never thought to add green or blue to a peach to cool the skin tone down. 

Sideways shoe. I quickly sketched a shoe before starting. This was my favorite: really learning about highlights and layering the watercolor to create a depth. 

Tres fancy! This shoe turned out better then I thought it would! Watercolor is so fun to do, because you work at the layering and then suddenly when you step back to look at it: voila! It's really effective in creating the illustion of light and depth. Love it!


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