Shoestring Styling - and I MEAN shoestring!

Needs - Chair, light

Shape - Light, stool, lantern

Colour - Blue of the chair, rug, vase & books, yellow of light and picture

Pattern - Rug, stool cover, vase, lantern

Texture - Cushion, wooden shelves/panelling

Placement - arrangement on shelves - not just books, not all crowded and jumbled

Bling - metal stool, gold thingamies, lantern

Botanicals - Oh dear!  See me after class!

I don't have a coffee table - no space, so these are mine for improvement:

And this:

My fabulously comfortable sofa in dire need of colour

My hall table, untidy and tidy:

And hall plant stand - in need of help

My bookshelves - functional, but not stylish

And I'm still in my bed, so that will have to wait!

Gosh, who knew that styling a side table could be so challenging - particularly when I don't have a great selection of decorative items to use!  I found the photography particularly challenging.  Hard to get the shapes and lines right with no depth of field to play with.  I had to move my other side table because I couldn't photograph it where it was, and I had to use the same things.  Anyway...here are my efforts


I feel a bit disappointed that it's so rubbish, but I really learned a lot from the exercise.

On to the sofa styling.  The problem I am finding with this project is that I don't have many things in my styling kit - no cushions lying about, no interesting bits of fabric, so I can't really do that much to make it look different.  Neither can I just go out and buy stuff either, but going through the process has made me think about what would really make a difference and be worth investing in.  So this project will be an ongoing transformation.


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