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Shoestring Studios

Out of the four designs above, the bottom left is my favorite.  By beginning with all the information I knew I wanted, it was easier to conceptualize an interesting layout using the grid system.  The heirarchy I was going for was company name, personal name, services, physical address, then contact info. 

Another thing I love about this design is that it subconsciously reads on many different levels.  Initially the eye follows a stretched-out s-curve from the top left corner to the bottom right.  This I think is indicative of the first letter in the company name as well as an actual shoestring.  To achieve this I risked letting the contact info "staircase" a little, but I think it works.  Also, the content in the top and bottom corners mimic quotation marks, which I think is very appropriate for a business card.  It says "call me, let's talk about a project."

I am nervous that it currently reads like an envelope and that there might be too much text, but hopefully this will be resolved in the next phase of the class!


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