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Angelica Ovcharenko

Flash banners designer




For my first attempt to draw shoes with watercolor I choosed this beautiful ones from Valentino:


I found it somewhere on the Internet. I was searching for something beautiful and difficult so I thought it's very good picture to practice. It has a difficult shape and also difficult color: red on red. And more that all reasons I just fell in love with them, haha.

I do my pencil sketch and I also decided to add some red roses with sharp petals, because this shoes remind me of roses (also they have such decoration that seems like needles of roses).


Then I took my watercolor. It's a gift from my sister and mother for my birthday, so I guess it's should be good quality, but I'm really newbie in it so I can't say for now. It's something our Russian.


I have a lot of beautiful colors in my box, but for my picture I need just red and I used advice from class to mix some few colors. I picked up this 3. It's Carmine (red), Yellow ochre and Ultramarine (something blue-violet) for shading. 

I started to paint my sketch as were discribed in a class. It was exciting, so I didn't made photo of my process except this that is close to final:


As you can see I decided to make lines standing out with black gel ink pen. I continued doing this and that is the final illustration:


I liked the process and result, so I want to keep practice. I made another one illustration and I want to take more watercolor tutorials because it's really interesting and fun for me. And I also have a great stock of watercolor now, haha.

Here another one shoes that I've drawn. I found in internet this kind of vintage shoes:


I've made sketch with little different ribbons to make illustration more gentle.


I used same red and yellow ochre colors and added Mars brown as my base color and Emerald green to make colors little more interesting.

Here my process photo:


You can see some color mixing here: some green and red. Unfortunately dots comes a little screw, but I think it's nice anyway. I've added some leaves to continue combine shoes and plants.

Here almost final:


I've tried to make some nice chaos for my instagram on this photo :) This one have no strokes, but some time later I decided to add some. And I've came to this:


For now it's all. I think this pieces looks like cards. I want to make more different shoes and flowers and maybe I'll give them for someone I know as a presents.


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