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Ebbe Overbye

Graphic designer



Shoes. Make Your Watercolor Repeating Pattern!

I am a bit pressed for time at the moment. I will try to catch up later.

Shoes are my theme for the pattern, and not just womens shoes.

Here are some of my inked sketches and pencil sketches.



I sort of stumbled into this and I was short of proper watercolor paper. I had to paint on sketching paper, and this is no way to paint with watercolor.

I separated the linedrawings from the paintings. Here are some of the results.


Here are my digitized and vectorized drawings. I am not sure of the colors and I don't know if I will use all of them. Maybe it is better just to use the sneakers in different colors.? I just don't know how this is going to end yet.


In the end I decided to try Kyle T. Websters real watercolor brushes in photoshop. I still have to vectorize them in Illustrator.

Jenny is right, when she says the colors are too strong in my first try. So I am trying to soften the colors. I am thinking of one pattern with only sneakers and one with blue shoes. Here are the vectorized shoes I will use.



The high heeled shoe is my own painting on paper. All the others are done with Kyle T. Websters Real Watercolor brushes.

Here are my results.






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