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Shoes, shoes and more watercolor shoes

It never seems to fail, that I sign up for a class or workshop and clients seem to come out of the woodwork looking for this, that or something. And so it goes with this workshop.

Thank gosh I can work at my own pace. 

Some of you have seen most of these images on my instagram account with the hashtag-#paperfashionclass. It has been easier for me to upload my images this way instead of working off my bigger terminal in my office.

This is the work that I have worked on so far-

I had not watched any of the videos when I worked on this illustration. I have worked in watercolor for most of my painting years and it is by far my favorite medium. It's been a while since I have mixed up my watercolor bag of tricks and that is the reason I had decided to enroll in this class.

After watching the first video with the watercolor chart, I knew I wouldn't be making that chart at this time. I have tried doing those charts in watercolor, acrylic, and oil, and to be honest with you, I always end up with one big fat mess.

For me it is easier to intuitively mix paint as I am working on a specific illustration or painting, something like this-

I always have a test sheet next to me to try out the color and brush size for the area I am working on.

The next painting I did was of the leopard and black suade pair that you partially see in the avetar. Here is the whole shot-

Overall I was pleased with the painting, but realized after I finished it the size of the shoes were miss matched. Something to be mindfull of as I work through the other illustrations. I read about this app where you could add type to your instagram images. It was free and I decided to download it. That is how I got the words on the image.

Next up patten leather, I tried a few times with this one and may try again at another time. I kept losing those pescky hi-lights-

And here is my third try, better but still lacking-

Yesterday I started working on some sparkle shoes. I got the drawing done and the first layer of blig layed in I'm hoping I can finish today, but not sure how much time I will have with my busy to-do lists.

I will keep you posted, most likely on instagram. Have a great day you all!

Well I am home for the evening and am able to upload my sparkle shoes. I wasn't sure if the technique I was using would work, but it did.

Meetings all day tomorrow so back to more shoes on Wednesday-

later sheree


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