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Shoes in Watercolor-PaperFashion

I am discovering that watercolor is more about layering than any other medium I am familiar with. I think this is one reason why I love it so much, this gives it depth and complexity. Yet there is something beautiful about a simple brush stroke as well. I am learning that black is not the easiest color to manipulate. And because I want to love this when I am finished I am determined to work on it for a few days. This is the begining stage of the layering process. I would like to work more with the background shading as well.

Updated One week later:

I am ready to move along and set this assignment asside. Mostly because I want to use colors. Black is well black.Not that I have anything against it but I think the next attempt i have with black will be to use highly consentrated purples blues and greens So I can have more fun with highlights. Anyways, here is the finished peice:

The Suede Shoes excersize was much less time consuming. I think I may have used a little bit too much paint but, hey, you only live once. Nothing wrong with a little too much paitn now is there?

The sequines exercise was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed working with all the layers and using only two colors to shade it. The pink and the purple for the darker shadows. Very very fun.


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