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Shoes glorious shoes

Watercolour is one of those mediums that I love looking at, you can create some awesome effects with it, but I have always found it frustrating to use. Recently it occured to me that sometimes you need a teacher to show you how to use a medium because experimenting doesn't always work. So I am looking forward to learning how to use watercolours by one of the artists that I admire.

This is the first time that I have ever done a colour chart and I found it quite time consuming to do, although it was a lot of fun. I'm not entirely sure that I have it correctly and I regret not having masking tape to give my triangles a good shape. (Also try not to look at the final triangle, it was such a stupid mistake!)

My shoe muse for this project are some of the Irregular Choice shoes, they have a great mixture of different textures together on one shoe.

My first attempt was the patent look on a heel. I think this is my favourite one out of all of the shoes I've illustrated - typical!

The sequin shoe was very interesting to do, but I found it quite hard to get the light correct - I think I over painted it!

This one is a suede shoe with a sequined heel. I think the heel is the best feature of the shoe. I think I managed to get a suede appearence to the shoe, but it also looks very flat in comparison to the others.

This was my final shoe illustration. I wanted to use a combination of suede and patent to try and distinguish between the two textures. I'm not entirely sure I achieved my goal, but I think the shoe looks cute.

I'm happy with everything I have learnt through the basics of watercolour. I still find watercolour a hard medium to use and play with, but I feel a little bit more confident towards using it.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my project!


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