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Joanne Shih

lettering, illustration, design



Shoes for Small Feet

So excited to take this class and improve my illustration skills using objects lying around my house :) I decided to illustrate my shoe collection -- I have rather small feet (US women's size 4) so I rarely find shoes that fit just right, but I recently added 5 new pairs to my collection thanks to my persevering mother-in-law! In addition to the new shoes, I also have a couple fun sneakers that I wanted to draw...

The first day I worked on this I only had time to draw four pairs:


I think I may try adding watercolor later, but I wanted to try coloring it digitally since I've never done that before! Here's how that turned out:


I erased the captions in Photoshop because I wasn't feeling them, but perhaps in the next iteration I'll write some more. Adding color in Photoshop was fun!


2nd day of working on this. Only got to sketching two pairs today -- sneakers are hard to draw!


Added some color in Photoshop. This time I was more careful during the sketching process and tried to connect all the lines before I brought it into Photoshop, so coloring was easier (and I didn't have to use the pencil in PS). Yay!



Had some more time tonight to draw another 2 pairs... think tomorrow I'll work on putting it all together! (Unless I decide to draw my house slippers and climbing shoes..)




Day 3 of working on this shoe collection. Finished it up! A couple fun additions to the collection, plus I did some quick lettering for the title.


And then putting it all together in Photoshop - fun part! I had to rearrange the little captions and re-size some things to get it all nice and consistent :) Such a fun project!


This was my first illustrated collection and definitely won't be the last. Thanks for the fun class, Kate!


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