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Shoes and Texture

I have taken Katie's previous class 'Illustrating your favorite runway fashion' and I learned a lot from the technique she taught. The color study video in this class really helped me to understand that knowing color combinations and differentiation between treating textures is really important to create a realistic result.

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Here's my color mixing palette. 

Color mixing palette

Shoes projects:

1. My first project I chose is from Christian Louboutin shoes Martissimo:

Real image: (source)

This is my watercolor rendition:

Martissimo Christian Louboutin Watercolor

What I did: With Martissimo shoes, I took on different texture experiment including lifting wet paint with dry brush for that highlight effect, another texture that I tried on this one is adding salt in the background to create more fun effect.

2. The second project was to take on suede material, and practice the color application on the shoes. The Mojo sexy Bettie Pump from DSW.

Real image: (Source

Here's my watercolor rendition:

What I did: I made the highlight of the shoes less visible than the first shoes, and also added background texture from splattering color and covering the main subject.  This was overall a fun experiments with texture. 

3. The third project I did was taking another challenge with multicolor element. I chose another Christian Louboutin shoes Fifi Strass, with lots of different colors and highlight involve, which makes it much more challenging and overall fun to experiment. 

Real image: (Source)

My water color rendetion on this one is below:

Fifi Strass Shoes

What I did: With Fifi Strass shoes, I really enjoyed the multicolor diamonds on the shoes, I left some of the highlight with more bright colors and let the darker colors do  the job with the shadow. 

4. The fourth shoes I did was a simple shoes with leopard texture liner inside the shoes, which was pretty interesting for me to try paint on. I use Fergalicious Sammi Pump from DSW

Real Image (Source)

Here's my watercolor rendition:

What I did: I added ink outline for more interesting look to the shoes and the inside liner leopard texture was a fun one to do, I added the lighter color at first and add the darker color afterwards. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this one the most.

Stay tuned for more shoes project that I will explore. 

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