Shoes Shoes Shoes!

Inspiration photos

Love the Black Manolo Blahnik shoe above, I'm afraid to touch it with color in fear of losing the detail on the top.

The Suede shoe above is my least favorite.  I need to sit and try another suede shoe.  Blurring the lines to make it appear suede is where I had trouble.  Whie painting I "felt" that the dimension of the shoe was off and wasn't thrilled with the sole into the toe area. It's about the color, right?? I'm my own worse critic!  Like it....don't love it.

I do, however, love the way this shoe turned out.  It amazed me how simple the technique really is.  Little effort = big results!  Everyone's glitter shoes look amazing!

I'm also pleased with the patent leather shoe.  This was a lot of fun to do. 



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