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Vanessa H.

Visual Designer, Fine Artist, Writer



Shoe Love is True Love

Hello class! I've been doing traditional art for a long time, but it's been ages since I tried my hand at watercolor. I decided I want to conquer this medium and start a series of watercolor paintings every day for a 100 days. This class is perfect for that since I was thinking my subject of choice for the series would be shoes or something fashion related.

But, first here's my color palette study. I didn't do the traditional grid and played around. I also tried Katie's guide to black, grey, skin tone and more from her blog, which I found very helpful.

I'm pretty happy with the purple Keds I chose to paint, but it's not as loose or rather, I added too many layers. For the next one, my goal is to keep it softer and less muddied. 

Shoe #2: I chose to do stilettos this time. I was going for a light turquoise but they ended up more on the green spectrum, but I just went with the flow. :) I still need to work on making my work softer. 


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