Shmykk & Kaptain Kaos

Shmykk & Kaptain Kaos - student project

Shmyk is a frustrated designer, he lives pretty much up in his head and he constantly daydreams about his ideal world. He wants to be brave in his day to day challenges with his boss, his co-worker and the clients but sadly he is not. When he get pushed to the limit he become Kaptein Kaos, his badass alter-ego who is capable of anything. The problem is that everything happens only in his head...  

Here comes the first sketches in which i studied the characters.

Shmykk & Kaptain Kaos - image 1 - student project

Here comes more sketches to show the prosess...

Shmykk & Kaptain Kaos - image 2 - student project

Shmykk & Kaptain Kaos - image 3 - student project

 After some sketching this is the final model sheet for my character. The original is made on paper and then coloured in Photoshop. I feel I have more control if I draw with pen using a light table under the sketches, it sound a bit "old school" but I never manage to get use to wacom tablet...

Here is Shmykk..

Shmykk & Kaptain Kaos - image 4 - student project

... and Kaptain Kaos

Shmykk & Kaptain Kaos - image 5 - student project