Shit Happens. Make Good Art

Chosen words:

Shit Happens. Make Good Art.

The idea behind this is that things are going to happen in life but you should just continue to soldier on to work on your art.





At first, I wanted to explore the idea of a castaway making good art on an island, and my inspiration board included sand-art, amazing sandcastles, writing made out of twigs and sand.

Then I felt more drawn to the story of Van Gogh losing his ear, the lack of public recognition for him while he was alive, and how a year after he lost his ear he had finished one of his most famous paintings, Starry Night.

Inspiration includes really ornate lettering, vintage horror movie posters, and swirly writing that could imitate the swirls in Starry Night.


Warm Up:

I took a photo with my phone so the quality isn't as good as a scanner quality

I'm leaning towards doing something ornate or swirly for the word 'ART' and something more horror movie inspired for 'SHIT HAPPENS'.


Updated 28 March 2014





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