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Shirts for the Pilots.

MOCKUPS: Starting in Ai + Puttin' them on the shirts.

As I get the designs mocked up and worked through in Illustrator I'll post the progress.

01: Reggae+Local Dreamer+Everything Pilots

Taking reggae culture inspired patterns and mixing in the dreamcatcher for our twenty one pilots dreamer selves. 


02: Local Dreamer Logocentric 

Focusing on the imagery associated with dreams, tried to focus on the logo itself.

First is the black shirt version and I included a TOP blue alternate.


01 Client Interview + Doodling

Thoughts: Incorporate the logo somehow, geometric shapes, mask, reggae influence, negative space and double images, simple, pattern, community, conversation starter.

Oh, and lips, hehe.

03 Sketching Post Research Shenanigans

Here's the sketching side of it all:


A. Looking at the knee jerk pilots reference to get the planes and "21" out of my system.

B. Reggae influences, bead curtains, patterns, masks, Mask + Dreads. Fun things. Also playing with the idea of creating a badge


C. Working with the type to create some extensions off the letters, the idea of negative space with power to the local dreamer and some hands, and then creating the logo in negative space with type extended hand patterns. 


D. Making the logo or the mask logo into a road sign + the slogan or the band name in there maybe as some graffiti-esque feauture. Also looking at the idea of clouds (dreamer) and the clouds creating the circle around the logo. Or a retangular field of clouds with the logo in the negative space between them. 

 Some other idea about the crowd and shapes, halftone, and some other goodies. Not my favorite

Anywho, Here's where I'm at. I'm going to pull most of these into Ai today to see how which  ends up fitting the project a bit better. 


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