Shir's T's

Shir's T's - student project

Hello class mates and Chris! 
My name is Shir, I am 28 from Tel-Aviv, Israel. 
I'm a motion designer in "Puma" studio, and a print designer. I graduated two years ago from college at the visual communication dept. 
Right now I'm working in motion design, but my real love goes for print.. 
Unfortunately a lot of jobs here are not worthy as motion design so I'm trying to do it in my free time, but probably in the end I will choose one path on another..... 
I don't really have a brand, but i'm doing a lot of invitation for parties here, so I thought just for the practice to do it for called "Tetris" and it's 90's music line. 
Other than that i would like to know more about different rendering options of vector illustration, finishing styles, and the use of UV ink for glow in the dark t shirt...maybe I iwll get both of those ideas in the same T...

Other than that- you are all welcome to follow me on my Instagram...

Hope to get as much as I can from this opportunity :)