Shipyard Skates label and graphics

Shipyard Skates label and graphics - student project

I'm a part-time freelance designer (completely self-taught, which explains a lot) in Richmond, Virginia, and a friend of mine owns a skateboard company called Shipyard Skates. I've designed a business card for him, but he's always asking for sticker designs, t-shirt designs and even deck art. I figured even though its not a label, this style would be a great fit for his company and what they represent. Plus I absolutley love hand lettering and want to start incorporating more of it into the other work I do. Let's see what happens!

Monday - May 13. 9:45pm

I just watched the videos so I'm going to start working on the assignments. I will be going back to the videos for reference, but I have some good notes and I'm already getting some ideas.

Tuesday - May 14. 10:15pm

Uploading my mood board. Already started sketching ideas in my note pad.

Shipyard Skates label and graphics - image 1 - student project

May 30:

Too busy with regular work to work on this right now. Maybe later...