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Ship Shape

I have worked with shapes like this before,but I must admit, drawing them on paper first and then playing is new to me.

I am super glad I found this class.

I used the shape idea to repaint an old idea. I'm an artist who has to improve her game. I often reflect on past work and critique it. I sis take a look at the notes I made but in decided you know just draw and see what happens. I love it!



I painted and tested colors and just made some notes.

This is now.

I believe I have a much better grasp of watercolor painting. My letters look cool too. This is playful and invites the reader to ponder why? Awesome! I hope you agree. I have been working on telling my story and this is close to the letting the kid play spirit I live for!

I focused on shapes and just played from there. I used a heart, square and the last one just had to be an apple. 


Then I took the back of a watercolor pad and got my markers out.

I started with a square, diamond and circle. I am working on design elements of color and texture.


  I loved the shapes idea. It has opened a new door to imagination! Oh I continue to work on my art everyday.   Find me here blog and here instagram








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