Shiny String wins the day

Shiny String wins the day - student project

Week 2 - Minotaur Sequence

Just wanted to have fun with this, and ended up making a sequence wherein Theseus defeats the minotaur with a combination of luck and a really really strong, shiny ball of string. 

Shiny String wins the day - image 1 - student project

Well- the project I was thinking of fixing during the course of this workshop was this scenario a friend of mine and I had between two friends, and one of them is now about to die for saving her life (pushing her away from the danger and trapping himself in). 

Shiny String wins the day - image 2 - student project

This is the shot she realizes he's now trapped on the other side.

I'm wondering if there's a more dynamic way to capture that 'oh crud' moment without losing the clarity there is now a barrier between the two of them.