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Shiny Paisley

I am a bit of a human magpie so glitter is nothing but fun for me. Add metallic paint to that? Even better.

Rather than using a framed canvas, I used some canvas covered boards that were at hand in a couple of smaller sizes. The paint was also left over from a previous project but having it in the little bottles like that allowed for some really fine lines in the paint patterns that formed.


They rested flat on the paper once the paint had completely covered the surface. I couldn't really gauge exactly how thick the paint was supposed to be after this step but, speaking for my own, very very thick. The weather has been humid here so it took a few days for them to really dry thoroughly. Thicker paint like that makes for some interesting texture after it's dried!



I didn't want to stencil onto them as they were pretty bumpy so I used my blackest marker and sketched in a simple paisley (I love paisley). It took a few goes over to really mark over the glitter (I used a lot, I love glitter) but eventually there was enough contrast.


It is crazy hard to take good pictures of this project! Either you completely lose the glitter (the paint is pretty too), or you get nothing but flare. 

It was fun to use a technique where I didn't entirely control the outcome and I think it would be interesting to try with different consistencies of paint. Oh yeah, the paint holds the glitter really well, I brushed my hand across it and only got a few little bits on my fingers!


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