Shiny Baubles Christmas Table

The Event

Christmas Eve dinner with four adults, all family. Casual with food set up buffet-style on the kitchen island. We'll have a soup, salad and something light and vegetarian for the main meal. No dessert set up because we're eating dinner early and dessert will be later.

My Table Styling

4. Maybe this project should be titled "My Dining Room, My Playground!" Because I wasn't completely loving it and kept playing around. Now, I really do LOVE it, it feels more like "me" and our home. I removed the four ribbons which looked messy with all their wavy edges. I swapped the ribbons for a purple Japanese obi as a runner (don't ask HOW LONG I dug around in boxes of textiles for that obi!!! Was determined to find it!). I found Suzani print napkins at Pier I with orange, purple and green - perfect to amp up the color theme! Now I'm happy, and at peace with this table ...

3. I was able to put this together with things already around the house. The videos led me to think about adding things from other rooms that I never "saw" on the dining table before - like the big square rustic carved wood bowl I used for the centerpiece.


Scattered small ornaments around the table.

I used our celadon plates found at Baan Celadon in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

For botanicals, added faux olive leaves with purple olives, and purple dyed eucalyptus. I already had these from another project. I like adding a bit of purple with the celadon green plates and paprika orange walls.

For now, I folded purple and green sari fabric placemats as napkins. I need to find the right napkins.


Table Setting

Table Setting

This close-up captures the essence of the table through its subtle accents - the textures and patterns:

Textures and Patterns

My apologies for grainy photos. The dark walls suck up all the light in here! I even had white foam core boards set up off-camera to reflect the window light but the walls take all the light and don't let it go, LOL.

2. As I added things, I also thought about "edit edit edit." I decided to remove the Indian temple bells because they were too solid and hulking-feeling. Like they built a little solid wall between diners sitting across from each other. I wanted a more open airy feeling.

Edit Edit Edit

After removing the bells, things feel more open and colors are showing up better.

Table Styling

1. This is the beginning of styling and things are looking pretty plain. But this is best view of how I used four ribbons running across the table. Each ribbon is different. How the heck do you get wired ribbons to lay flat?! I may add a burlap runner under the ribbons.

I also pulled out a mix of trays and bowl for a decorative centerpiece - flat glass trays with colored patterns from Pier 1 and World Market, and a large rustic carved wood bowl from Home Goods. I like the mix of the shiny glass with the rustic wood.

Table Styling Analysis

This table feels like it's for a casual lunch. Maybe friends they haven't seen for awhile, but are still close to, are coming over for a weekend lunch. I think the meal will be grilled chicken with a light sauce, on a bed of couscous with mixed chopped autumn vegetables. Because of the acorns, I think this is a fall meal, but in a warmer climate.

It has complementary colors and the orangey-red is dominant with blue and beige/brown as secondary players in the scene.

I see a triangle, though off-center in the centerpiece. The centerpiece,, with its airy open branches and the small dangling acorns is a great way to have a larger centerpiece without blocking any view of people.

The botanical element is the branch and lots of acorns - colored ones on the branches and a tray filled with a bed of acorns. It's a very simple choice for botanicals, and I think it works well with the clean, modern decor here. I like the contrast of the acorns in the shiny silver tray. And the simple arrangement of the vase and the dish. The branches extending out over the dish help to give balance to the centerpiece, even though the vase is off to the side. The napkin rings also look like acorns.

I don't see personalization here. But then because of the casual feeling, I think these diners know each other well.


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