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Shinesty: Shine On.

Brand Name: Shinesty

Slogan: Shine on. 

About: Shinesty is a carefully curated collection of awesome retro clothing. 


Customer Profile: Our customer is a college student or young adult who likes to wear crazy, fun, loud clothing. Our customer would rather rock a vintage Dennis Rodman jersey then a polo shirt anyday.  Our customer is fun and when they party, or just go into public in general, they want to wear clothing that is unique and fun. 

Concept/Theme: Because our clothing line is made up of unique one-off vintage pieces, the theme for our products is retro and unique. The clothing we sell stands out because it is unique and something that you can't find at the mall. Our clothing is the stuff your cool, young uncle was rocking back in the 80's and early 90's while cruising down the slopes at Vail, catching some waves of the coast of California, or attending a Bruce Springsteen concert on the Fourth of July. 


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