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Shine on

hey everyone!!
First i have to say that i just adore this class! I always admired typography art but never thought i was capeble to do, but this class made me dive in this world and i´m totally in love of doing typography art. I´m really into that now!

My inspiration board(not only for this specific project)

Ok, so i gonna tell a little bit about my project. I always liked to communicate through music, so i chose this time a pink floyd song - shine on you crazy diamond - and borrowed a piece of the lyric to fill this project.

First I drew some very quick sckethes, and i use scketchbook pro in my tablet, just to have a notion of space.

Then I did one more sketch and drew on a milimetric paper. I didn´t make a preview study of typos or layouts, i guess it was a fluid choice. But that´s something that i definitely need(and want) to work more. I feel like I skipped a step hehe

when i got satisfied, i made a clean copy at the light table.

So, i wanted the art look like it was made on a blackboard. So I used a black cotton fabric as canvas, and drew on it with a white color pencil.

Ps: i have a mobile that has a projector, so it helps me a lot, cause the fabric have the size of a A2 paper and it is a black canvas... it would be tough to draw with no guides and respect the proportions.

Ok, that´s the final look, i took a picture and did some adjustment of levels on photoshop.

So, thats it! I´m already finishing my second project and i´ll put here later!
Gonna start the second part of the course now!!! yayy

Ps: sorry the mistakes, hope it is understandable, it´s kind a hard for me to write in english(i´m brazillian).
I´m open mind so let me know if you have some advice or criticism ;)


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