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Shine- Stylish and Unique Handmade Jewelry


My name is Lindsey Bochniak and I am an aspiring jeweler/artist/etsian.

I have been on Etsy for a few years now, but only started seriously working on my shop in the last year. I quit my day job and am looking to turn this into a sustainable living. Though I've been on Etsy for a while, I am completely new to the marketing and branding side of things. Basically, I love making my products but I'm not sure how to proceed from there. I am currently working on rebranding my existing shop with a new name, logo, the whole deal.  I have a lot of stock but I'm not getting a lot of views or sales. I'm hoping to learn how to change that.

Right now I've got both jewelry and artwork in my shop, but I mainly focus on the jewelry. I'm also having problems with "defining' my work as my style is rather eclectic. I feel like if I can figure out  how to do that, perhaps the marketing will come easier.

My current shop is at

UPDATE 10-18

Shop Banner:

UPDATE 10-24

I have gone through the SEO section several times now but I'm still a bit confused as to the whole process. I keep tweaking my titles and tags but I still feel like I'm not being found. My number of views continues to be very low and I'm not sure where to go from here... Would anyone be able to take a look at my shop to see if I'm doing this right? Any advice? Thanks!


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