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Shine Sticker

I created 2 versions of the same sticker - one that is a standard circle sticker and one where the die cut is along the design.  I think for this design, I like the standard circle better, but maybe would like transparent sticker where the white would be. 

I wanted something bright and inspiring.  It's simple, but I'm pretty happy with it!  What do you think?



Okay, I played around a little bit more.  I love stickers, so this is super fun!  Here is a hamsa sticker I designed freehand in illustrator  (I need to make a few adjustments now that I brought it down to size):


And here is a fun little succulent sticker I made.   I'm a little worried about the die cut line.  Does anyone have recommendations for when the design is this delicate?  Is it better to create a rectangle sticker for something like this?




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