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Again, late to the game. I'm doing this class during the month of May (rather than March). Most probably won't see this but I like posting my projects anyways. Course 2 has been really great and I can imagine using the layer masks and shifting with selection tools for a lot of things. 

My background is in marketing and public relations. I'm trying to get better at graphic design and photoshop. This particular class in the 5-class series seems like it would be good to use for marketing materials and materials development. Below are some of the images I've tested out. I'll be updating this project with more as they develop!

Photo 1:


Photo 2: 


Photo 3: My favorite one (so far). I like how it turned out with the sky and people. I found this photo on Unsplash and knew I had to use it. I'm going to experiment with this image a little more. 



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