Shifting tides -- ART gallery identity project

This is my very first attempt to deal with an identity beyond logo.

I've recently worked with a small art gallery and have been commissioned to come up with a logo. After I took Paula's lessons on skillshare I decided to re-design identity of the place and stretch it out.

I kept in mind the only requirement I had from the client and it was that the logo should be a 'swirl' shape. The client told me it reminded him of the movement of pottery wheel as it was his hobby and he also wanted to start pottery lessons and workshops in the 'art studio'.

I tried to create something more modern and vibrant as a logo and after few fails I created a pixelated and simplified version of the previous logo (pic 1),91ce3b6eas I aimed to stretch the logo potential a little bit further. New logo (cover image pic) should be a template which can possibly change, depending on the current affairs taking place in the gallery and the shape can alter shape as long as the basic 'swirl' shape is maintained. For instance, if the current event happening in the gallery is a pottery workshop, logo could be swapped for the previous old logo and being used for a leaflets and advertisement.

The major problem was a type. I didn't know what to do with it as I wanted to be a second part of a 'kit of tools'. I tried so many variations, for example, tilting the type, skew it, blur the half of it (that was an interesting idea but text became illegible when the size of type was smaller) or simply try to find unique font. It was all in vain and I wasn't satisfied. Finally, after many trials and errors, I came up with an idea to thin out the type. I picked up modern type 'Copper Hewitt' as I think it looks vital and sleek and gives respectable appeal and also it comes with various widths of the type so my idea was easily executable. If I had more time, I would want to create my own font based on the idea.824ddb3e


I spent a considerable amount of time, trying to come up with a different poster designs and leaflets and booklets from various 'fake' exhibitions in order to test if the identity could survive.

Main two 'tools' are the swirl logo and the thinning font!

I also created few posters...3ef75ba4

I didn't have enough time to test a possibility of changing logo itself. I thought about the web platform and signage that could be used in the premises of gallery.42f051ee6fcea6fd 

I hope you'll give me a feedback as I need to improve my workflow. I could've definitely done things better but alas my free time is limited and this was my very first attempt to think about logo and identity in general in the broader way, thanks to Paula!

P.S. : In the end, I post few poster designs for the gallery I particularly like.







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