Shifter's War

Hi :)

I wrote a little erotica short story series (photo is cropped book cover). When my niece said she wanted to read it, I promised that, instead, I would write a book about it that she could read. But the more I plan it, the more I'm thinking it may be MG and not YA. Anyway, here it is.

Summary: A cat shifter princess is convinced to wander the enemy castle with a new friend in need of her help. The friend turns out to be an unknown enemy to both kingdoms. Before the princess realizes this, however, she has already helped him destroy both kingdoms.

The idea: Ariel Akiva is the youngest princess of her kingdom, with dozens of sisters and a few brothers. The Shifter's War has been going on a for a few years now, and because of it, most shifters have either gone into hiding or have completely transformed (ie, they are fully human or fully animal and can no longer transform). Ariel meets Leif who claims to be a dragon shifter and needs her help in... (this part is still a work-in-progress).

She finds out that they are exploring the enemy castle. Castle of Deinos. Then... (a bunch of meat I haven't worked out yet).

A fire erupts and Ariel has to come to terms with the fact that she just helped Leif burn down the libraries in Castle of Deinos. He reveals that he is the last of his kind because his family died at the start of the war; because of this, because humans don't believe he exists, there is no place for him and he has to live in hiding. Therefore, he has taken vengeance on the two kingdoms of the war and is forcing them into hiding as well. He did this by burning the library down and blaming it on the kingdom Ariel is from, using her as 'proof.' Consequently, Castle of Deinos destroys the libraries of Akiva Castle.

The libraries are vital because they play an essential role in uniting shifters and humans. Castle of Deinos believes shifters should rule over humans, that they are gods. They use the books to prove this to humans. It's a success because, despite being the lower species, humans are treated better under shifters' rules than under their own kind. For the Akiva Castle, libraries are essential because they believe in peace and equality amongst all races. They use the books to educate humans and show that they are much the same. With the libraries destroyed, the connection with humans is quickly lost on both sides and skepticism rises within a matter of a few decades until all shifters have to go into hiding. (Shifters live for hundreds of years, if not killed).

The library part of the story is influenced by the fire of the Library of Alexandria. I'm not sure if the correlation is too strong, and if it would be better if I didn't include that part.

Well, that's where I am in this story!


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