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Shift'D Union


I'm the founder and designer for the Denver, Colorado based clothing brand Shift'D Union.  I am completely self tought in everything that I have created for this brand, from website development, design/art work, screenprinting, to marketing.  I do it all under one roof!  It's been great that I started screenprinting all of my designs so that I truly understand how the art work is supposed to be compatible to the screen printing side.  Now, I just really want to further my education to making better print designs for the brand. 

I'd say that about half of my designs have to do with typography of some sort so I really want to get into more Illustrative designs.  When I came across this class and saw that the instructor was the lead designer for Johnny Cupcakes I was in!  They are incredible at illustrations and any feedback I can get is greatly appreciated from world class talent!

Shift'D Union (pronounced ShiftY Union) is a casual lifestyle brand that emphasises street and shredding (skating, snowboarding) as well as my city and state of Denver, CO.  My slogans are "Rip The Rockies" or "RTR", as well as "Keeping the street and shred life Shift'D".

With S'dU I really wanted the brand to showcase the great city of Denver as well as the state through my passion of action sports, mainly snowboarding, skating, biking and of course, street wear.

Like JC, S'dU has a mascot or specific recognizable logo in our rabbit a/k/a Shift'D.  The brand is fun loving, and emphasizes passion.

As I mentioned, about half of my work is typography and I want to get into more illustrative designs.  The rabbit is getting there, but I want to do more with cartoonish figures that really represent my various passions of action sports like skating or snowboarding.  Below is some of the work I have done to give you an idea of my style.

CITY ROOTS TEE:One color design of the Denver city scape and roots.

CLEAN WHITE LINE TEE: Typography and Halftones of a snowboarder slashing powder.

LEGEND TEE: Maxie Miner the old Nuggets mascot

METHOD MAN TEE: Ol school method on a throwback design from the RUN DMC era.

SHIFT'D LOCO TEE: A 4 color design I wanted to do with various latin design, hence Shift'D Loco!

SEND IT DEEP: I wanted to blend Typography and Illustration with the most popular term in snowboarding, "Send it Deep".

I have uploaded more of my illustrations than enything but what I am really trying to do is connect with people through local creativity and passion for the shred life.

For my project I want to create an illustration peice, maybe incorporate some typography with about 2 or 3 colors.  Since it's summer I'm leaning on something City or Skate related.

June 19th:

I have deciced to go with an illustration as I previously mentioned.  I've always been a huge fan of the Mr. Horsepower Roadrunner ever since I was kid.  I've decided I want to do a spin off of that roadrunner but with Shift'D Rabbit.  Here is what the Mr. Horsepower looks like:

Along with my version of this design, I also wanted it to have a Sucidal Tendencies/Street feel, since ST is one of my favorite bands.  Here's an example of an ST design:

Utilizing the fast look of Mr. Horsepower and the grittiness of the ST Skeleton, I feel I can properly sketch out my rabbit.

1st Sketch:

After looking at this, I do not like it.  Looks like a Disney character trying to be tough.  Just too cute IMO.

2nd Sketch:

Here is incorporated some typography just to get a feel.  If I pursure this typography I will also have "Shift'D Union" below the rabbit.  But, I am thinking this rabbit is more of what I am trying to convey, however I can do better.

3rd Sketch:

I made some minor tweaks with nose size, folded the bill a little more on the hat and relocated the ears more appropriately.  I will digitize this 3rd image.  As of now though, I am thinking this be a one color design, printed on either white or light grey; maybe two.  If you have suggestions on color, let me know.


So I have completed my design to include typography.  I have created both a white and a black design.  I feel the black looks better but I since I am also the screen printer I will probably make two color variations.

Here are my two designs:

(The ear looks funky due to the color half tone, but the dots will be a light grey and the white you see will be the black shirt.)

Here is what they look like on a tee:

To sum up this design; I used my original "Shift'D Union" typography in place of "Shred Fast"  and included the S'dU Crescent logo and 12/RTR to give it that street/branding feel.  The 12/RTR means the year S'dU started and RTR means "Rip The Rockies".  RTR is on every tag (back side) you see at the lower left hem of the shirt and has been associated with the brand from the very beginning.

I am very pleased with the Rabbit and I think that I was able to pull off what I had envisioned.

Thank you for checking out my project.  Definitely let me know which shirt color you like better!

Shred Fast!



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