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Brandon Bettes

Designer/Developer | Shift'D Union Clothing Co.



Shift'D Union Clothing Co.

12/17/13 - The Start

To start, I am wanting to take a different direction with my clothing brand Shift'D Union.  I want to get into more of a vintage, illustrative typography style.  Something that is a more mature style that really hits home to the people who support this brand.

Shift'D Union is a shred threads clothing brand from Littleton, Colorado.  The brand is heavily influenced by the Rocky mountains, snowboarding, skating, and the urban street life.  All the elements of the moutainous life style in this brand, and I feel that a vintage design style will compliment my new direction well.  Plus, as an illustrator, I really am fascinated with lable art and branding through creative, artistic typography.

/// Mood Board

Inspiration - vintage beer & whiskey labels, scenic mountains, vintage snowboards, Colorado vintage posters, snowboarding, skating, nature and elements.



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