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Juliann Ford

Graphic Designer



She's whiskey in a teacup

My phrase: She's whiskey in a teacup

I feel that this phrase totally encompasses who I am. Most people perceive me as put together, quiet and easygoing. The people who I'm closest to know that I'm loud, outgoing, "crazy" {in a good way, I hope}, and super competitive. I also really like whiskey :)

A little about me: This is my FIRST skillshare class, YAY! I've been out of college for 5 years {gah!!!} and work full-time as a graphic designer. The past two years I have been doing quite a bit of freelancing on the side: wedding stationery and small business branding. Beginning of this year, I got laid off and in the short three months of unemployment, I began to think seriously about freelancing full-time. Although I found a new job that I have been at since March, I'm currently working on getting a website/portfolio launched for myself {about time} and have finally started to be pro-active with pursuing a freelance business.

I'm proud of myself for making time to really dive into design outside of work, being able to express myself with my aesthetics and not being limited to what the boss wants. I haven't really picked up a pencil and did the whole sketch-thing since college. I'm excited {and a little nervous} to get back to the basics. I'm a perfectionist and grow impatient and frustrated when my ideas don't turn out exactly how I want them. I'm excited to push myself with this class, receive feedback from other designers, and finally put myself out there to learn and grow my passion.




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