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She's Whiskey in a Tea Cup

After cruising the class board, I'm feeling pretty intimidated! But that's what this is for, right! I've done my first warm-up.  I chose the word teacup- because tea is going to be my central theme for this phrase.  I like both of the cursive/ flourish typefaces, and the more ornate one (That only says TEA, because...dang...) is somethign I might try to work out, but isn't that pretty right now. I also want to flesh out the serif on a curve (bottom right) because I like the vintage advertisement feel it had. I'm definitely wishingI had a bit more artistic skill with these, but practice, practice, practice! How do I turn my pictures?

The phrase I chose was "She's Whiskey in a Teacup" 

When thinking about this phase and words that describe it, I realized I was very drawn to the teacup aspect-

I'm going to think about vintage tea advertisement and beautiful typography- I want to incorporate the feeling that whiskey will bring to the table- punch it up with some bright color. Because teacups are pretty and dainty, but whiskey is strong.

P.S. Thanks for the pinterest hint- what a great way to compile ideas!


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