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Lala Watkins

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She's The Girl

Hello Everyone!

I wanted to put together an example of how your project assignment should look and give you something you could reference. :)



Here is my list of answers to the questions.

Who are you? (Describe yourself in 5-6 words or more)

What are you brilliant at?

What is your brand about?

What do you want people to take away from your brand? How do you want your clients to feel?

I really like the words charming and my sense of humor. I think since I'm all about having fun and my brand represents that I will try to incorporate it in my business card. I know one of my talents is hand lettering so I'll make it cute and surprising that it'll make others smile once they receive it.


Here are some colors I like:

Here are my explorations and final thumbnails (You do more if you'd like) You can see that I added more verbiage to fit my brand. I incorporated the word charming and wanted to go for a nice whimsical look. 

Clean neat thumbnails


On to the drawing and inking process.  ( I just traced over my sketch on the computer,  i didn't do inking for this one)

Gonna play with it to get what I like.


Here's what my final illustration looks like. I kept it simple and added more verbiage. I made it bold where I wanted and didn't feel the need to add a lot of decorative detail in the background because it would take away from my statement. (You can show different color schemes and more process here as well)

I got them printed with Moo and am pleased with how they look :)

Comments and critique welcome!

Thanks for taking this class :D Hope this helps.


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