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Dani Breckenridge

Freelance Illustrator



She's Actually an Honors Student

 For my project I decided to make a comic based off of funny situations that have happened to me with my friends. I just graduated from college recently and miss my friends terribly. We've always been really close and since we spend so much time together I always have a ton of stories about them that I share with my friends back home. So of course, first things first I had to sketch what I would look like!


  I usually wear a headband that has these "bunny" ear type thing on it so I want to incorporate that into my outfit. While I liked the inked sketch I did, I decided that the striped t-shirt outfit was more "me". I was also debating (since I might turn this into a long term web-comic series) of what length to make my hair, as I didn't cut it til my senior year of college. I went with short though since I thought it was cuter. Thus I created this character sheet!


I had a lot of fun making expressions (especially the angry and the surprised ones~). It was difficult figuring out hair physics. At this point I was still trying to decide if I wanted to make my comic full color or black and white, but I ended up going with a monochromatic blue scheme.


My idea for this strip was to poke fun at the fact that despite being an Honors Student, I do a lot of stupid stuff. There was even a list of weird stuff I said on my fridge in my apartment that my roommates had made =P. This was such a fun project and I plan on making more comics in the future!


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