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Sherry's Calligraphy Practice

Newer stuff is at the bottom! :)

I was really excited to start this class since I've always been really interested in learning calligraphy! :) I found an old nib at home, and went out and bought some ink/paper and got started.

I'm still figuring out how to re-ink without making a giant glob (hence some smudges). And how to write without getting my fingers all inky. Haha.

Below are some of my writing samples: some holidays and some cities I've visited. (Just to get a good mix of upper and lower case).


I picked up a Nikko G nib today and practiced some more! It flows a lot heavier than my Hunt 512! Takes a while of getting used to. This is a little blurb from me:


Oh man, so I can't stop practicing! I've been finding myself drawing out imaginary letters when I'm not with my pen/ink/paper. Is this bad??? Here are some more things I wrote today. Both written with the Hunt 101 nib (which I also picked up yesterday)!


I've been practicing more and more! :) Filling pages with some scribbles. (Mostly just random words; it keeps coming back to food). Today I tried to write on different paper (some neon pink paper I had kicking around, and here are some things I wrote). Nikko G nib:

Trying out capital P's...

My take on a capital S


Bought some coloured ink (green and purple) and am having so much fun practicing! Lesson learned: ink STAINS! I've always been able to rub my India Ink off my fingers after a practice session. But this coloured stuff? NO LUCK. Now I have random purple and green blotches on my hands D:

Trying out the purple ink, and a bit of a captain's log :) I'm being able to write in straight lines now guys!!!!

WOOOO. PARTY! I can write in straight(ish) lines now!!!!!! Also, I get bored just practicing the alphabet, so I wrote words that started with each letter (a-z) in these categories: food, places on earth, and girl names. Then I practiced all the months and days of the week. And my numbers.


Bought some Rhodia paper, and (you guessed it) MORE INK! I am hoping to move on to gouache soon :)

I also have been practicing some variation in my majuscules (what a great word) ;D

More alphabet practicing

And some gold ink (this stuff is hard to use; I have to write SUPER slow). But it's mesmerizing watching the ink literally flow and glimmer out of the nib...


Recently discovered Molly updated this class with MORE videos! I think I missed the deadline for the challenge (whenever things are at midnight, it just confuses me...) Sighs. Well, I thought I'd still share what I wrote because I'm quite proud of it!


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