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Sheriff the Kid vs Texas Red

Here is the black and white so you can see how my values are workingI wanted to tell this part of the story where The Kid and Red meet and Red does not take the kid seriously.  Soon after it gets serious but Red still does not see Sheriff the Kid as a threat.  The towns people all know that The Kid is doomed as well, the only one that knows better is the Kid himself.  So at this point in the story the Kid is still seen as the under dog.

So at this point in the story our hero is telling the villian his purpose for coming to his town is to take him back to Arizona to pay for his crimes or be tried by the law.  The hero basically says "Your coming back with me dead or alive!"  and the villian says "I;d like to see you try short stack!" and the final showdown is set into motion.

Look at the difference it makes to add dark values to my characters to make them stand out.  Try it! Also zooming in on the expressions gives a different feel.  Try that too!

Above pushing the poses still very rough but I wanted to show the idea

I Tried putting Sheriff the kid in a more defiant pose.  He will not back down!

This story is an adaptation of mine from a song by Marty Robbins titled "Big Iron".  The kid is the hero of the story, a ranger from arizona who has come to bring the villian Texas Red to justice.  I wanted to illustrate the meeting or a moment of conflict between these two characters while introducing their personalities.  Ranger the kid is fearless and bent on bringing Red to justice and red is a blood thirsty killer scared of no man of the law.  Especially this kid.


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