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Elly Maimon

Design Student



Sherbet Land Poster

My project is to recreate this beautiful Sherbet Land poster inspired by a track/level on Mario Kart 64 and designed originally by Dean Walton. I chose this piece because it seems excellent to learn how to build and stylize shapes and forms. It also has a texture, which I anticipate as another fun challenge. Any feedback, comments, or questions along the way are gladly welcomed!

Here is the original:

July 5th: 

Thus far, I have finished the first Unit of the course and accurately traced out the basic layout and shapes with the correct colors. I'm particularly enjoying learning on this piece because it has simple shapes and elements that are really helpful in allowing me to fully understand the nuances of the pen tool. I'm also enjoying practicing building shapes from the different shape tools.

I'm hoping to finish the texture and typographic elements of the poster by next unit and then maybe recreate another more difficult piece or two! (My progress is on the right side). 

Gotta love the penguin.

July 6th:

After my last upload, I noticed that I had actually not finished copying all the shapes over and that I was still missing the little reflections of the penguin and cave entrances. I was able to use the Command-C, Command-F technique to copy the already-present shapes and then just reflect them as taught in the videos. Then I moved the reflected versions under the originals so they lined up and just knocked the opacity on them way down and viola! I had my reflections.

I also tweaked my colors and even applied a blue/white gradient to the sky area to make it look more like the original.

I then decided that I wanted to copy the text as a shape instead of turning text into outlines. I quickly finished doing that and was incredibly pleased with what I had thus far:

July 8th: 

Now I just needed to figure out how to implement the texture from the original. I had a hard time with this, playing around with some bitmap textures and trying to do what Brad recommended in the texture video. After a lot of playing around, I decided to just export the file into photoshop and do it there.

I downloaded a file of a texture that (as closely as I could find) resembled the original texture. I then placed the texture file on the photoshop version, sized it correctly, blended it as an overlay, and knocked the opacity down a bit.

After applying the texture I had finally finished:

I'm sort of happy with it, but I think the texture is still a bit too rough and not quite where I want it. I also want to figure out a way to spruce up the lines where the caves overlap, as it seems that in the original there is a some sort of shadow or darkness that gives it that oomph it needs.

I might come back to it and keep working later but for now I want to move on and begin recreating another poster.


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