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Shen Family Crest

What's up!

My name is Wisely Shen, and I'm a design student from Jakarta, Indonesia. This is my entry for the family logo project. First of all I want to thank Skill Share and Mr.Draplin for providing this class, it's super fun and inspiring!!

And this is my family crest/logo design:

Shen Family LogoThe four symbols meaning:

My great great grandparents came from China (by sea of course!) and now we live in Indonesia, my dad have a printing business and our family really value honesty. Simple ideas converted into symbols.

As you can see everythings replaced to suit into asia culture better, the shield, banner, laurels, changed into rounded one, chinese rolled script, and dragons. Dragons are cool and I consider it to be a must use for this logo, there are so many positive image and belief contained in it, such as auspicious powers, strength, power, good luck, protection, and so on.

In the middle is my family name "shen" in kanji/mandarin. No meaning, it's just a word.

Since most of my family are buddhists I also incorporated the eight wheel symbol of dharma into the shield.

Lastly we love to actually 'work hard and play hard' so into the design it goes.

This is still work in progress and I haven't got into coloring it yet or applying it to t-shirt, will post more updates and variations soon.

Thanks for viewing my work, any advice or critique is always welcome, let me know what do you think about the design! :)


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