Shelves are up : )

8 is questionable since there are no botanicals, but there is a picture of a plant ...

I thought this picture did such a great job representing the others it was worth using.

Texture: The sea urchin shape that is repeated on the book shelves and in the light fixture creates a really interesting texture

Color: The dark wall also makes the minimal color stand out

Placement: Placement table height and really does open up the shot & also emphasises the symetry of the shelves and the chairs

Bling: The brass shelves give a nice bit of bling, particularly against the dark wall.

Needs: The shelves also cover the storage needs of an office and the lucite table makes a stylish and spacious desk

Shape: The shape of the rectangular table is repeated by the rectangular photo on the wall behind it

Pattern: Traditional pattern on the rug helps warm up the space

5 spaces ------------------------

We moved into our house a couple of years ago & had a ton of rennovation to do. I am excited about this class because I really ran out of energy after that & it will be great to collaborate with all of you and learn how to finish these spaces (and then I can pply it to the rest of the house).

I will definitely use a tripod for the after shots, I am almost always at work when there is good light.

This is the entryway:

I finally got the picures up but the credenza definately needs some styling.

I know I should have some sort of pillows but with the boldpattern on the rug and the shelves behind I haven't been able to figure out how to do it without looking cluttered.

Couch Before:


Couch After:

This was a fun one & there was the extra challenge of tying it into the work I already did with the coffee table. It definatly feels like Spring has sprung!

Credenza Before:

Credenza After:

I don't know why, this one took me forever! I redid it many times but this is where I landed. I am going to keep my eye out for an interesting runner because I think it could use more texture. Any other thoughts?

Shelves in need of attention:

Shelves After (+ a detail shot):

I had to do a close shot, I just love this photo taken by my husband's grandfather. We are lucky to have several of his photographs. There is one about the console table as well.


It has a very tall vaulted ceiling. Can't figure out what to do in here.

Coffee table Before:

This was my parents table, roots of a red wood tree that I wouldn't let my Dad get rid of & finally moved into a house where it fit! A lot of orange oil later it is like new! I'll have to figure out how to get a better shot of it without having to move it because there is no way that's happeining ; )

Project 2: Coffee Table After

Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!


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