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Shelves Redux

Well. I redid the little shelves in my upstairs nook. Twice. I am still not happy, and I am totally convinced I need to repaint that horrid yellow. In the room it looks like we hoped, kind of an early Americana, Williamsburgy color. But trying to put things in a shelf that is ALL that color? No. Anyway, this is the second version, which is in keeping with my studio which is next to this room:

And here is the first version. A similar vibe as with the coffee table, but kind of a cluttered mess:

And I didn't have time to snap any closeups (and you should see the mess I made putting it together). It might help for you to see pics of my studio so the red and white makes a little more sense:

So... which one do you like better? Or hate less? (ha)


Here is my 'after' version of the couch. I am dubious that the wool tartan blanket adds anything positive to the space. It looks much better in person than in the photo. I like the dog oriented this way better.


I rushed through my coffee table restyling, and I hope it doesn't show too badly. And please excuse the photo quality, my camera and I do NOT get along well. But you get the general idea.

Here's the newly envisioned coffee table... clearly I am channelling Vintage English Childhood.

I think I hit all the fundamentals, I tried to at least. The vintage stuffed dog is for texture and that bit of added 'life' that Justina recommended, a couple of brass items for 'bling,' ivy in a tin cannister, varied shapes, thoughtful placement, pops of red in keeping with the color palette, and a bit of pattern but not too much because the rug is already way over the top. Doesn't have to fulfill any 'needs' other than being interesting to look at. The blocks that spell 'sit' are either for the dog, or the guests! Here it is from above, and some detail shots:

That's it! Have a great weekend!



Hey y'all. A little about me... I write and illustrate children's books and apps, and design things for crafters, so my personal style typically trends towards colorful and cutesy. This class will be very educational, as it has already got me thinking well outside of my usual decorating mode. You can find me nattering away on my blog Allsorts: or on pinterest:



And now for my before photos... Still not 100% sure these are the areas I will focus on, but I guess I have to choose. The couch/coffee table in the living room:

Bed ~ this room is usually done very Swedish, but I stripped the room in prep for restyling:

I have this cute little window nook with built-in shelves, that I've never quite figured out how to approach:

And a hall area with console:

I'll be sure to hide the cord for the final photos! ;o)


Here's the pic I chose to demonstrate the eight fundmentals that Justina introduced. Not only do I think this exhibits the fundamentals, but it is also a beautifully composed image that appears to be from a working household. So many images I see online are of beautiful interiors, but it doesn't look as if anyone lives there. This one makes me want to slip on those wellies, grab my secateurs and head out into the garden

NEEDS: hooks by the door for aprons, scarves, hats. A pretty mat for wiping muddy feet. A table to hold gardening magazines, gloves and other odds and ends.

SHAPE: window, table and mat make strong rectangles that play nicely with the round hat, baskets and pot

COLOR: greens are perfect leading into the garden, and the pops of red offer a lively counterpoint

PATTERN: wallboards make a subtle stripe, the patterns on the textiles and rug are picked up in the geranium and gardening gloves

TEXTURE: baskets, coir mat, distressed wood

PLACEMENT: lots of pairs - shoes, boots, gloves, candles, baskets

BLING: not much in the way of bling, I think the candlesticks provide the fancy bit

BOTANICALS: geranium in a pot, topiary just outside the door, as well as floral patterns on the mat and textiles


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