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Michelle Truxal

Graphic Designer



Shelly's Canned Tomatoes

In my family, tomatoes are a religion. Growing up, I never once tasted a store-bought jar of canned or stewed tomatoes–that was blasphemy. That also goes for store-bought tomato sauce and salsa, as well. If you don't like tomatoes in my family, you get disowned! Well, no, not really, but we do tease my brother relentlessly for it.

Each year, my mother cans hundreds of jars of tomatoes, grown in our backyard. Not only is it a cost-effective staple, it's healthy for us, too. She always keeps a close eye on the sodium levels to ensure it won't have a negative effect on Dad's blood pressure.

In my extended family–my mom's salsa is famous. She often gives it out as gifts to her sister-in-laws, and it gets fought over at family reunions. Whenever there's a jar open, it doesn't last long.

Now that I am an adult, I pine for my mother's home-canned tomatoes. The recipies I learned as a kid don't taste the same with some store-bought variety. I've come to value these tomatoes as a precious commodity–sneaking jars from my mother's pantry when I go home for a visit.

Now, I'd like to give something back to my mom for all those years of time and effort she has went through to provide such a delicous treat. I will be creating reusable labels so she doesn't have to write the year in sharpie on the lid. When people get a gift of tomatoes from my mom–I'd like them to look almost as good as they taste.

I plan on creating a tie-on label (she hates washing labels off jars). The label will feature a chalk-board element to mark each year (and keep the label reusable). Heavy card stock will be utilized to ensure a long shelf life.

I would like to keep an old-fashioned style but modify it with a modern color scheme.


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